The Best Exercise To Get Skinny Thighs.

If you don't like the look of your thighs, and you feel, you have fat thighs, muscular thighs or just aren’t sure.You will need to deploy the right combination of diet and exercise.
 Here is a list of exercises for slimming your thighs and  prevent them from being J-Lo like without the curves at all:

 1. Squats:

Exercises such as squats give the best results when losing weight around your thighs is concerned and if you tighten your stomach muscles there is a good chance you will have slimmer thighs as well as firmer stomach. You can do a variety of squats in a different position like wide-leg squats or ball squats, split squats. The easiest way to do squats is to lean your backs on the wall and slowly slide towards the floor doing squats. Or you can use a chair to perform your squats more efficiently. The best routine, for slimming the thighs, would be to do squats* 3 times per week on alternate days. Start off very light by just using the body weight for 2-3 easy sets of 10 repetitions, then gradually build up the resistance over 3-4 weeks. 

2. Walking

Walking is the best all-around exercise, as well as being great thigh slimming exercise. Walking uses practically every muscle in the body, it increases your heart rate and breathing for improved cardiovascular health and it makes you feel good.

3. Stand straight with your feet apart

Stand straight with your feet apart. Bend downwards without bending your knees. With your right hand, reach for your left ankle. Hold for a few seconds and then go back to the first position. Repeat the step, your left hand now reaching for your right ankle. Repeat this for 15 times.

4. Stretching Muscles

Stretching elongates your muscles, increasing your flexibility. Increased flexibility gives you a wider range of motion between your joints. Gaining this added flexibility takes time. Even stretching every day, however, will not give you this benefit unless you perform stretches correctly and hold them for the correct amount of time.

5. Jog for 10 minutes

Jogging is a healthy way to get your recommended exercise and comes with plenty of fitness perks. Faster than walking but slower than running, jogging can boost the health of your bones and heart. You might take up jogging to lose weight, as it allows you to burn calories at a relatively high rate.

6. butt kicks or kickbacks 

(Kick your legs up in your butt.) kickbacks  Workouts are another option for targeting leg muscles.

 7. Pilates

Pilates builds a lot of muscle in the core and leg areas, making it a perfect exercise for getting skinnier legs.

8. Do leg rolls.

Leg rolls are easy, effective, and can be done in the comfort of your own home. These are not as effective as high calorie-burning exercise like spinning, but it's much better than nothing.

 9. Dieting Tips.

Another thigh slimming exercise that is easy to put into practice involves controlling what you put in your mouth. That's right – what you eat has an effect on your thighs.
Gradually change your regular diet to one that includes several serves of vegetables and fruit a day, lean protein at every meal, whole grain bread and cereals. This is one of the best natural weight losses. 

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