Best 12 Ways to Look Younger Without Using ANY Products.

Best 12 Ways to Look Younger Without Using ANY Products.

If you're worried about losing your youthful looks, Don't worry. there are some helpful steps you can take in your daily routine to help you to change your appearance. With a little bit of dedication, determination, moisturizer and the proper hydration, you can easily keep up your youthful appearance, leaving people around you wondering what fountain of youth you just climbed out of, when the truth is that you simply started taking better care of yourself from the inside out.

1. Eat the HEALTHY foods.

Eating healthy and safe food everyday will make our body fit, slim and also look younger. Try to eat more fish instead of red meat. Fiber food, vegetables, fruits, and supplements are important food to consume. Drink less coffee and other caffeine beverages.

2. Exercise.

Through routine exercise, we will feel happier, energetic, and confident. It also increases our bone density and muscle which can make our body look 15-20 years younger. Beside aerobic, walking, running, and swimming, goes also to the gym to do lifting exercise.

3. Drink a lot of water. 

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to promote soft and supple skin. Because your body is made up mostly of water, it is important to keep hydrated, especially when the weather is warm. Without the proper hydration, your body's cells quickly begin to dry out and die, causing deep lines, otherwise known as crow's feet, to form in your skin.

4. Get enough Sleep.

Having enough sleep at least 6-8 hours a day will make our skin healthier. Having a good sleep is also important because growth hormone is working during that time. It renews the old cell of our body, include the skin cell. Our skin will look fresh and young if we have enough sleep.

5. Be Positive.

A positive mind and affirmation we said can bring positive life to us. Negative thought tends to bring failure and make us look older and unattractive.

6. Social Life.

Happy social life can increase our spirit, bring peaceful mind, and make us feel and look younger. Communication with our friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and others can bring happiness to us.

7. Active Life.

Always try to be active during your life. Activities can increase health, and if you are in your elder age, your memory will increase too. 

8. Manage stress.

Stress can wear you down both mentally and physically, so keeping it under control can keep it from showing on your body. Take a few deep breaths daily to help you slow down.

9. Medical Check-up.

Just like a car, our body also needs attention and care so it can work well everyday. Having routine medical check-ups during our healthy time is important to recognize diseases as soon as possible. 

10. Smiling and laughing.

The benefits of smiling are not only physical, but psychological and can enhance other people's opinion of you. Smiling reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system and simply creates a natural, more youthful glow about you that cannot be denied. Both smiling and laughing have been proven to have positive health benefits, as well as demonstrating a sense of confidence.

11. Have sex. 

That's right. Studies show that having sex at least three times a week makes you look ten times younger than people who don't. This is because sex leads to the production of a human growth hormone that prevents aging.

12. The external appearance.

Start to look at our appearance. Is our body weight ideal for us? If not, try to fix that to the best ideal weight. Also, look for the skin, hair, nail and teeth. Those are important as they will show our age. Looks good and feels good will increase our performance.

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